Selected Short Films

Conjured Confections

Made for the 2016 48 Hour Film Project.

Lenny Saffron has some labor laws he'd like loosened, so he sends out his couriers to deliver a special gift to the newly appointed Queen of the Fae Folk, but if the Warlock Fangor has his way that gift will never reach her.

Total Party Kill

Made for the 2015 48 Hour Film Project.

This expresses my love for D&D and comedy.


This is an adapted scene from a spiritual warfare script I've been working on, MATTHAIS. We're hoping to make it in the next few years.

At First You Don't Succeed...

With this movie, I wanted to write something quickly that we could shoot over an entire weekend. In the process, we made a really fun dark comedy that plays upon all the stereotypes and tropes of the genre.

There Can Be Only One!

Made for the 2014 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project.

I only realized this after it was all said and done, but this movie was heavily influenced by the podcasts I listen to. See if you can pick them out!

Bloody Good Knives

Made for the 2013 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project, our first short film in nearly five years.

We didn't win anything with this film. To be completely honest, I think they're nuts because we made a damn fine genre film in less than 48 hours.

Mind's Eye

Mind's Eye was inspired by the song "Bound and Gagged" by the Goth Rock band Creature Feature. This movie reflects my style at this point in my career. This is my best work and I love it.

It helped that our cast included a seasoned actor like Chuck Aber ("Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and Silence of the Lambs). I have to thank everyone again. Because of all of you wonderful people, we have a really well-made film.

Rav Dirgemen: Private Eye

Rav Dirgemen: Private Eye is my take on the film noir detective stories of old. It also showcases my love for Mel Brooks and dark comedy.

This was without a doubt my hardest production to date, but I was blessed with a great cast and crew on this one.

Black Kiss

Black Kiss is a dark comedy with suspsense, romance and vampires! I came up with the story while watching a History Channel special, basing it off of a 1600s morality tale that was featured in the program.

This movie marks the first time that I really felt like I was a filmmaker and could tell a story through my chosen medium well. Black Kiss was well-done all around by everyone on the cast and crew. The story that I wanted to tell came across strongly.