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Sinister DreamCast

The one that started it all, on this weekly podcast Sinister Dream president Nick Kizina hosts discussions with various other members of the crew, as well as the occasional guests, philosophizing pop culture in great detail and covering everything from film, television, music, internet, comics, you name it. Usually topical, but sometimes a free for all, this podcast is not only incredibly nerdy and entertaining, but it also includes something for everyone in its wide range of topics and participating personalities.

The [Insert Movie Reference Here!] Podcast

In this weekly podcast, best friends Nick Kizina (Sinister Dream president and resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) and Joe Conniff (co-producer of Mind's Eye and resident of Los Angeles, California) discuss film, actors, directors, recent movie news, their personal movie recommendations, and anything else they can think of on their shared favorite subject. Brought to you by the power of internet chat!

Scenario Store News

This weekly podcast starring best friends Julianna Hawke and Keerstan McGinley began as a monthly YouTube show, but has now evolved into the realm of "not a visual medium" in order to become a longer, nerdier, and more consistent fangirl flail-fest!

The Gods Are Waiting: An American Gods Podcast

In this niche podcast which will run week-to-week throughout each season, Nick Kizina and Justin Papparlado get together to nerd out about the long-awaited television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's classic, American Gods.

Toxic Volume

A weekly podcast co-hosted by two bubbly girls in two different cities who get together to offer up their own perspectives on pop culture.

Discontinued Shows

That's the Spirit

A podcast about friendship and booze! Because who can argue with that? Leah Rae and her rotation of co-hosts indulge in some of their favorite spirits and let the conversation take them from there!

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