Pappiness is a Warm Gun

Pappinss is a Warm Gun is a RAZZLE DAZZLE good time. Join Justin Pappalardo for a Medley of Madness with a plethora of special guests. Seekers of comedic tangents disguised as musical intellect, look no further.


Episode 89: Will This Hockey Puck Poison My Dog?

This week in Pappiness, Justin flies Han style, discusses his dog, being sick and booking comedy shows.

Episode 88: An Evening With Nelson W Pyles

This week in Pappiness: Justin sits down with Pittsburgh based horror writer/ voice actor Nelson W. Pyles. What does the "W" stand for? Find out!

Episode 87: Nevermind Part 2

This week in Pappiness, Justin talks again with Zach Markel about what makes a horror movie a horror movie, their favorite Joe Pesci movie, all while Justin's dog does his best to contribute to the podcast.

Episode 86: Nevermind

This week in Pappiness, Justin flies Han-style and ruminates on the best Nirvana album, Brittney's come back and the downfall of MTV.

Episode 85: Dropping Baums with Garrett Titlebaum

This week in Pappiness: Justin welcomes Garrett Titlebaum on the show and they talk about stand up comedy, Superhero (or is it?) Television, and what it takes to be good.

Episode 84: The Replacements

This week on Pappiness: The boys are reunited once more, they talk about the best Van Halen lead singer, the number one replacement singer of all time and the listeners finally meet Justin's dog.

Episode 83: Don't You Dare Be Sour

This week in Pappiness, Justin sits down with Ashley and talks about some music history, Wrestling and Cards against Humanity.

Episode 82: 48 Hours

This week in Pappiness, Pappy sits down for a 1 on 1 with his audience and talks about Sinister Dream and the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Festival they participated in this last weekend.

Episode 81: Strange Addiction

This week on Pappiness, the boys talk about comedic writer Paul Mooney and go over some...interesting hypotheticals.

Episode 80: Finding More Rum In My Coffee

This week in Pappiness, the boys talk about how heavy metal has evolved over the years (decades) and also dip their toe into international politics.

Episode 79: Greatest of All Time

This week in Pappiness: Justin is back... his actual microphone is for some reason M.I.A, but not to worry, he gives his thoughts on the new X-Men movie, and Facebook pocket dialing people. yeah... that's a thing.

Episode 78: Mic Check

This week in Pappiness, Justin and Chris discuss where they draw the line when it comes to blood in movies, and who's the greatest vocalist of all time (or maybe just this century?)

Episode 77: Everything is a Hammer

This week in Pappiness: Chris returns and the boys talk about the return of Rage Against the Machine, drums of peanut butter and what makes a hammer a hammer.

Episode 76: Rainbow In The Dark

This week in Pappiness: Justin remembers the late great Ronnie James Dio.

Episode 75: Two Justins Don't Make A Right

This week in Pappiness: Justin sits down with... another Justin and they chat about Hip Hop, Black Metal and Fandoms.

Episode 74: Metal Talks To The Devil

This week in Pappiness: Chris is back and the boys entertain their favorite conspiracy theories.

Episode 73: That's a Bummer Man

This week in Pappiness: A scheduling conflict leaves Justin to his own devices (God help us). He talks the passing of a musical legend and the jukebox scam.

Episode 72: Why Does Just One Weekday Exist In Country Songs?

This week in Pappiness: Justin talks about his new purchase and Chris explains that ALL Country songs exist is an alternate universe.

Episode 71: Stop Texting, Bro

This week in Pappiness: The boys talk about how they deal with an attractive waitress, what freedom of speech really means, and how being racist gets you fired.

Episode 70: Politics and Porn Stars

This week in Pappiness, Justin welcomes co-host Chris back, they crack open a beer and deliberate on the politics, porn stars and the costs of a beer.

Episode 69: Feeling Salty on the First Day of Spring

This week in Pappiness, Justin is joined by the Chewie to his Han, Mr. Zach Markel as they talk about why Justin is so salty as spring "starts" in Pittsburgh and congratulate a friend and regular of the podcast on some exciting news.

Episode 68: #NoPornForMeBro

This week in Pappiness, Justin flies Han-Style (solo) and recounts his recent Coheed and Cambria concert experience, some (not) sponsors of the podcast and one church's movement to take the porn out

Episode 67: Netflix and Chill

This week in Pappiness, our lonely host Justin welcomes back fellow Sinister Dream podcasters Nick and Julianna where they talk about the idea of switching to Apple from Android, before things take a social justice-y turn.

Episode 66: The Zach Attack is Back

This week in Pappiness, Justin welcomes Zach Markel back for Part 2, they talk the Ghost Busters Reboot, and how deep the web really goes.

Episode 65: Zach Markel and the Jepsens

This week in pappiness: Justin invites back comedian Zach Markel for part 1 of a 2 part episode as they chat about old cartoons and Carly Rae Jepsen?

Episode 64: The Prodigal Son Went Out For Cigarettes

This Week in Pappiness: Justin discovers that dead poets don't make friends.

Episode 63: The Prodigal Son Returns

This week in Pappiness: Justin finally welcomes back his long lost co-host (Chris, for those of you who don't remember), and they dive deeper into Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Caution, may contain spoilers!) and generally just catch up.

Episode 62: Poised to Strike

This week in Pappiness : Justin comes to you for the last time without Chris as he gives a brief history on Pittsburgh football."

Episode 61: [Insert Pappiness Here]

"This week in Pappiness: Justin couldn't find Chris, again this week (don't worry I'm sure he's fine). So instead Pappy decides to join forces with his good friend, Nick Kizina, and The [Insert Movie Reference Here] Podcast to bring you a mash up episode that's sure to make you ask "Chris who?"."

Episode 60: The Jon Towers Sessions Pt 2

"This week in Pappiness: Part 2 of Justin's distracting adventure with Mr. Jon Towers of Stigmata Studios and the Red Horse Radio Podcast."

Episode 59: The Jon Towers Sessions Pt 1

"This week in Pappiness: Justin begins a two part adventure. Bringing weapons of mass distraction with Jon Towers of Stigmata studios and the Red Horse Radio Podcast."

Episode 58: This Counts As Your Christmas Present

"This week in Pappiness: Justin talks with Charlotte...ah, Ashley about the holiday season, Star Wars Episode 7, and their favorite Marvel movies. (Beware Spoilers!)"

Episode 57: This Is Why We Don't Do Politics

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris talk politics for the first and possibly the last time and elaborate on why they do NOT do politics."

Episode 56: Weekend at Pappy's

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris are back together on the couch again and talk about what they would do if they had to spend an ass-ton of money."

Episode 55: John Schalcosky - The Yinzer Indiana Jones

"This week in Pappiness, Justin sits down with a very special guest, the modern day Indiana Jones, John Schalcosky. So much of the cool stuffs ensue on Justin's couch this week! Learn about Dixmont State mental hospital and a race of giants that lived along Pittsburgh's Allegheny river."

Episode 54: Boys Rule And Girls, Wait Where Are You Going?

"This week in Pappiness: The boys get back to their metal roots, talk about what really makes up a nerd and dive deep in anticipation into Star Wars in anticipation of Episode VII."

Episode 53: Am I One Of The Cool Kids?

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris make their own in crowd"

Episode 52: The Anatomy of a Party

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris talk about what makes popular things a thing and scientifically breakdown the anatomy of a house party."

Episode 51: Catholic Guilt and a 57 dollar Scotch-tail

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris talk of growing up in Italian Catholic families and what Scotchs you DO NOT mix with a diet cola."

Episode 50: Everything is POPE-acetic

"This Week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris make Pope puns and ask what was done with all of the excess cat calendars at the end of 1 BC."

Episode 49: Good Apollo and the Heavy Metal Burqa

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris sit down and talk about what they really did at metal shows and what they would really do in a truck stop, glory hole situation."

Episode 48: Morning Wood

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris get an early start as they try to answer the simple question 'What is Up?'"

Episode 47: The Human Centipede But With Dicks

"This week in Pappiness the boys keep it short and sweet. Chris talkes about the benefit show he almost played, and dick jokes."

Episode 46: The Chapstick Story

"This Week in Pappiness: Justin welcomes back Pappiness co-host Chris as they talk about the passing of horror legend Wes Craven, rounding out the political careers of the cast of Predator and catching up on what Chris has been doing while he's been gone. Hint, it's adult stuff."

Episode 45: Boring Coversation Anyway

"This week in Pappiness: Justin is still flying Han Solo, but not to worry. He breaks down West Virginia pop culture con, gives his thoughts on Steven Amel's appearance on Summer Slam and messes with anti gay protestors. Well one at least."

Episode 44: Never Tell Me The Odds

"This week in Pappiness, Justin flies Han Style, recounting his favorite composers and scores."

Episode 43: Girls That Can Beat Me Up

"This week in Pappiness: Justin and Chris recap the Slipknot/Lamb of God show, talk about boobs and Justin gives his thoughts on women's sports and his fear boner for Ronda Rousy."

Episode 42: Dont F with the Classics

"This week in Pappiness: The Justin and Chris chat about a podcast with no intro, Lamb of God coming to Pittsburgh and Justin pleas to leave the 80's in the 80's."

Episode 41: I'm Sick, You're Half Naked, My Girlfriend's Here, Its A Party

"This week in Pappiness: The boys revel in the house of Pappiness, talk about what makes Thrash, how Twitter is the pulse of the stock market and get into the nitty gritty of podcasting."

Episode 40: Do You Like Segways? Me Neither

"This week in Pappiness: The boys drink beer, give a review of metal albums released in 2015, drink beer, discuss why albums always drop on Tuesdays and Drink beer."

Episode 39: Damn You Internet, Damn You to Hell

"This Week in Pappiness: The boys talk about buying records, hipster hotels and fall for an April fools gag... 3 months later."

Episode 38: You Can't Rehearse Spontaneity

"This week in Pappiness: The boys take you on a philosophical Wikipedia journey and Chris shares a Texas history lesson (Totally more awesome than it sounds)"

Episode 37: Shit, We Have Bonus Material

"This week in Pappiness : The boys search high and low to find a rock band in the top 40, discuss why liking certain songs can mean that you may be an asshole, and Chris finds bonus material... kind of."

Episode 36: Where Do White Wizards Go When They Die?

"This week in Pappiness: The boys are back as they give their insights on Caitlyn Jenner, pay homage to the Late Dusty Rhodes and explain why you may be metal, but you will NEVER be Christopher Lee metal."

Episode 35: Beautiful Losers

"Pappiness is a Warm Gun has leveled up, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, that's right, they've got not one but two, count 'em, two hosts now. Friend, former bandmate and potentially the only recurring guest Justin's not sleeping with, Chris is back and he's been given some of the reins, or as is more likely the case, he's been brought on to be the "responsible" one. Also, they talk heavy metal new, old recordings and Joe Dirt."

Episode 34: You Cant Get That At A T-Swift Show

"This week in Pappiness, Justin is accompanied by returning guest and former bandmate Chris as they dive into the earliest metal, going to shows and Justin's unrealized talent as a singer."

Episode 33: T Pain is T Lame

"This week in Pappiness: Justin welcomes a lazy Sunday afternoon with returning guest Ashley (who has no other name) to talk about life these days and how T Pain is, well, you've probably figured it out by now."

Episode 32: The Podcast That's Too Hot For TV (Because The AC Is Broken)

"This week in Pappiness: The heat and Justin's musical A.D.D get the better of him as he recaps mother's day and why Spotify is sometimes a jerk."

Episode 31: Quicksilver, He's Totally Kickass

"This week in Pappiness, Justin holds it together with Ashley, talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron and they chat about how today's music is shite."

Episode 30: How Many Dr Peppers Do You Think There Are In The World?

"This week in Pappiness: Justin flies Han-Style (mostly), digs into exactly where the name Pappy comes from, talks about some classic tunes and ponders on one of the biggest questions on our minds."

Episode 29: Batman Never Had Jury Duty

"This week in Pappiness: Justin kicks back with coffee and talks about weird smells, Batman and jury duty."

Episode 28: Why is Megan Fox on My TV?

"This week in Pappiness: Justin waits till the last minute to sit down with Ashley as they talk about the new Avengers movie, curvy ladies and why the F is Megan fox on the TV?"

Episode 27: Better Late Than Never; The Other Justin Pappalardo Story

"This week in Pappiness: Justin drinks coffee and counts down his top 5 concept albums."

Episode 26: YES YES YES

"This week in Pappiness: Justin kicks back with restling fan, returning guest and girlfriend Ashley. The two discuss predictions for Wrestlemania 31 and Ashley's lady-wood for wrestler Sting."

Episode 25: When You Wish Upon A Podcast

"This week in Pappiness: Justin flies solo and with no supervision comes a list of his favorite Disney Tunes, dominated by classics from Aladdin and the Lion King."

Episode 24: Edit That Part Out

"This week in Pappiness: Justin kicks back with Sinister Dream crew member, Zach. When they are able to stay on track they chat about Zach's favorite thing in the world. Stand up comedy."

Episode 23: Nothing Beats a Quickie

"This week in Pappiness: Justin flies Han style yet again and he imparts both words of wisdom and half baked thoughts alike."

Episode 22: Spoiler Alert Girls Are People Too

"This week in Pappiness: Justin is left to his own devices as he recalls the SNL 40th Anniversary, super duper Alice Cooper and imparts advice about the fairer sex."

Episode 21: Watcha Gonna Do, When Hankamania Comes For You, Brother?

"This week in Pappiness: Justin sits down with Hank and, in spite of all the madness, the two talk about Hank's biggest fandom...Wrestling."

Episode 20: Orders Received; Monday's Jared

"This week in Pappiness: Justin catches up with an old friend from his grade school days. The two gents talk about the music scene in Hartford, Connecticut and the price you really pay for a vinyl addiction."

Episode 19: Dave and the Return of the Rum

"This week in Pappiness: Justin invites sober Dave back onto the podcast and the boys chat about John Mayer, Jared Leto and how just met Ashley... I know, eww"

Episode 18: Nowhere Productive; The Justin Pappalardo Story

"This week in Pappiness: Justin hangs out with some familiar voices as he tries to answer the question, "What is everyone listnening to?"

Episode 17: Punk, Crunk and Other Junk

This week in Pappiness, our buddy Justin dives down the rabbit hole that is Punk Goes Crunk.

Episode 16: When in Doubt, Drop Trou and Sing Lion King

This week in Pappiness: Justin is still flying Han Style as he recalls his journey through the world of heavy metal and makes disney movies sexy.

Episode 15: Be Kind, Rewind; A Year Almost in Review

This week in Pappiness, Justin is left unsupervised yet again as he recounts 2014, what he can remember of it at least. Featuring rockin' tunes from Coheed and Cambria and Arcade Fire.

Episode 14: Bro, I Totally Do Even Hobbit

Justin welcomes Ashley back onto the podcast to wrap up the holiday season, talk about the few Christmas songs that don't suck and give their thoughts and feels on the conclusion to the Hobbit Movie trilogy.

Episode 13: Dave is Why the Rum is Always Gone

This week in Pappiness, Justin is out-Pappied by Dave. They talk about favorite bands, Dave interviews Justin about Sinister Dream and we finally get an answer as to why the rum is always gone.

Episode 12: Pappy and Chris;More Penn, Less Teller

This week Pappy gets together with an old friend and former band mate, Chris, to talk about good time, old times and maybe not so good times.

Episode 11: You Can Get Anything You Want, At Alice Cooper's Restaurant

This week in Pappiness. Justin sits down to chat with his buddy, Guy. Well his name's Keith. They talk about Keith's musical influences, the girls you don't get when you join a band... Oh yeah and some Thanksgiving stuff.

Episode 10: Pappy's Top 9 (from the 90's)

This week in Pappiness is left completely alone, unsupervised and can only count backward from 9.

Episode 9: BTW, Which One's Pink?

This week in Pappiness, Justin sits down with his pops as they discuss Pink Floyd, Syd Barret, Waters vs Gilmore and the ramblings of one "Gray Squirrel".

Episode 8: Bro, Do You Even Hobbit?

This week on Pappiness, Justin sits down with his girlfriend and the duo talks about The Hobbit, Denny's, and "that gold guy from Star Wars."

Episode 7: Nick, My Main Afterman

This week on Pappiness is a Warm Gun, Justin is joined by the Sinister Dream founder and host of Sinister DreamCast, Nick Kizina, as the two bro out over Coheed and Cambria, HIM, and...Key and Peele? As well as diving deep into Coheed's Afterman albums.

Episode 6: Walking Dead, Halloween, Etc.

Oh Danny boy, the dead are walking. This week your brother from another mother Justin sits down with his cousin and the dastardly duo chat about The Walking Dead, Halloween traditions, as well as the Beaver County Avengers. Yes. That's a thing.

Episode 5: The Sinister Six

This week Justin runs solo, like the wolf, as he counts down six of his favorite Halloween-spirit-inspiring songs. With a variety of influences and music genres, look forward to the treat of what Justin loves about spooky season and the music it brings.

Episode 4: Transatlanticism

This week our main man Justin gets together with another powerhouse of the Sinister Dream crew, Melissa, and they talk about Death Cab in general, their album Transatlanticism specifically, and music as it relates to life.

Episode 3: Out of My MINECRAFT

In the relaunch of the new and improved Pappiness is a warm gun podcast, Justin brings on his younger cousin to possibly help bridge the generation gap... But when that fails... Cousin Max guides the way way as the duo dive into the rabbit hole that is "Minecraft."

Episode 2: Jedi Masturbation Tricks

Justin welcomes his good friend and Sinister Dream Productions President Nick Kizina to the podcast. The duo discuss if God's real, a bit about Nick's childhood, and if it would be a sin for a Jedi to force choke him or herself while masturbating.

Episode 1: Puns and Inconsistencies

Welcome to episode one of Pappiness is a Warm Gun! Justin brings on some of the Sinister Dream crew to talk about all the delightful things they're listening to at the moment.