That's the Spirit: February - July 2016

Archive: That's The Spirit! Where good times are had by all. Much drinking and merriment commence over discussions of all sorts. Hosted by Leah Rae with a rotating crew of co-hosts! This podcast features the consumption of alcohol. All participants are above the legal drinking age in the United States.


Episode 26: Gin and Tonic

Leah has some news as she hosts a short episode alone this week.

Episode 25: Spiked Angry Orchards

This week Leah is joined by Boyfriend Justin to try out some liquors mixed in Angry Orchard! They discuss why racing fuel is not a good substitute for alcohol, and nerd out over Pokemon Go.

Episode 24: Redd's Strawberry Ale

This week Leah and Julianna sip on some strawberries (and later, some surprises) while discussing oxymoronic Walmart and Harry Potter love.

Episode 23: Mojitos

Samantha Swope fills in for Tyler this week and introduces Leah to Mojitos! Brews and Booze in the News gets healthy.

Episode 22: Viniq Ruby

Julianna joins Leah to try the second of three flavors of Viniq! Beer and Ice cream come together, and Doctor Who is a thing.

Episode 21: Best Damn Cherry Cola

This week Leah is joined by Boyfriend Justin, substituting for Tyler, to try a tasty cherry drink while discussing beer pipelines and technology.

Episode 20: Hot Todies

This week Leah and Julianna discuss how size matters in Brews and Booze in the News (now with a sound clip!) and cats loving their boyfriends more while sipping some tea and whiskey.

Episode 19: Samuel Adams Nitro White Ale

Tyler and Leah are joined by Boyfriend Justin to discover a new nitrogenated beer! Brews and Booze in the News includes beer sales in local gas stations and they get really excited about words.

Episode 18: Framboise Lambic

Julianna is on this week to discuss Brews and Booze in the News, and Internet Lingo while Leah discovers a new love (for the alcohols).

Episode 17: Avalanche Ale

This week Tyler is back with Leah discussing future movements of this very podcast, Booze in the News, and geek out about Harry Potter, books, and movies.

Episode 16: Appletini

This week Leah and co-host Julianna are joined by Nick Kizina while they drink the nectar of the green apple gods! Things get deep with nihilism and sex tips.

Episode 15: Butterbeer

This week Tyler and Leah are joined by Boyfriend Justin as they drink this wizard inspired cocktail.

Episode 14: Martini Lemon Drop

This week Leah and Julianna enjoy a lemon-y cocktail and cats.

Episode 13: Flying Dog Hefeweizen

Tyler is back, Leah can drink, and there's mousetraps on nipples!

Episode 12: Viniq Original

Leah and Julianna drink the universe this week on Nihilist Memes: the podcast. (Number three will blow your mind!)

Episode 11: Leah's Honey Sweet Tea

This week it's Leah's turn to have an illness that causes her to not be able to drink, so Tyler brings on special guest Hunter Shay to try another concoction of Leah's mind, Honey Sweet Tea. While the boys drink their liquor, Leah sits back and eats some ice cream.

Episode 10: Kriek Lambic

Julianna joins Leah to try something sweet. Leah learns that Lambic is not a wine, after attempting to buy it at the wine store.

Episode 9: Guinness

Welcome to the show Nick Kizina! This week Nick teaches the history and magic of Guinness.

Episode 8: Angry Orchard and Fireball

This week, due to illness, Tyler is unable to join. Tune in next month for him! For now, meet the frequently talked about Boyfriend Justin over some of his favorite drinks!

Episode 7: Angry Orchard Green Apple

Julianna and Leah discuss the surprising amount of variety Angry Orchard has to offer, and Fox News is a joke, bruh.

Episode 6: Cabin Fever Brown Ale

Tyler discovers gouda cheese and Leah falls down stairs...a lot

Episode 5: Sweet Wine Concoction

Welcoming back co-host Courtney to this bitter sweet episode while drinking a sweet wine mixture with some upcoming changes of That's the Spirit. Hitting high notes of the start of the friendship between Courtney and Leah, and low notes of religious upbringings and death, a multitude of topics are discussed.

Episode 4: Blue Nonsense

Welcoming the fourth week of the month is the fourth co-host, Julianna! Drinking a homemade concoction, dubbed Blue Nonsense, the ladies spend time discussing their similarities (which are many) and fangirling over Harry Potter.

Episode 3: Henry's Hard Orange Soda

Week three of the podcast brings in third round co-host, Tyler Stein! Tyler and Leah discuss friendship, speaking mishaps, sexual sounding hobbies, and the word "frothy" while enjoying a sweet, fruity drink.

Episode 2: Whiskey Sampler

This week Leah is joined by second co-host Ryan Austin for a sampling of whiskey! They sample Jack Daniels, Jameson, and Dewar's White Label for an eventful evening discussion of the effects of different spirits.

Episode 1: Block House Double Chocolate Bock

Welcome to the first episode of That's The Spirit! Kicking off the show, Leah Rae is joined by friend and co-worker Courtney! They are indulging in Pittsburgh's own Block House Brewing's Double Chocolate Bock. The ladies discuss their alcohol preferences, shopping logic, and much more!