Toxic Volume

Two bored girls who love the Internet discuss world wide trending news with extra randomness to feed millennial minds.


Episode 8: The Reality Checklist: Christmas Edition

HELL YEAH, IT'S CHRISTMAS! This episode, we're jam-packed with: Justin Bieber Grammy Nomination, current political news, Fuller House and Hairspray Live Reactions, a Christmas questionnaire, and MORE!

Episode 7: #TeamInternet

If you know us, you know we are OBSESSED with the internet. And to some people on a very unhealthy scale. So..... WELCOME TO #TEAMINTERNET! In this episode we talk about: Current YouTube Drama, The internet then vs. now, The Era Of Clickbait, and MORE!

Episode 6: Some Sex Ed for Y'all

HEY THERE! We got news and you got ears to listen with, this episode we have: Celebrity news (as always), Why we love 'the D', our Celebrity 'Zaddies', film trailer reactions, and of course a little bit about le politics.

Episode 5: Free the Nipple

Welcome to the Thanksgiving aftermath. We've got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, electoral vote recounts, predictions, nipples, weed, comebacks, shirtless men, and MORE! YOU NAME IT!

Episode 4: Thanksgiving a la Mode

We have yet ANOTHER Special-Edition episode, but don't worry, this is for Thanksgiving! This episode, we talk about Thanksgiving plans, upcoming Holiday sales, #BoycottHamilton, #TrumpCup, our favorite musicians, upcoming tours, Jeffree Star cosmetics, and MORE!

Episode 3: The President-Elect, Thoughts, Reactions, & Positive Notes

Our Special-Edition episode, due to current events we felt it wasn't right to act like nothing's happening. So in this episode we talk about: Where we were on election night, world-wide and nationwide reactions, our own personal thoughts, and a round-up of how to stay positive, and be mindful of what people all over the nation are feeling at this point and time.

Episode 2: Beyoncé, Wonder Woman, Hilary Duff, AHS, and MORE!

WE'RE BACK! Did you miss us yet? (We hope so.) Listen to us chat about: Spoiler Alert! There are some explaining about American Horror Story with a few character name flubs (sorry in advance you guys). Beyoncé at the CMAs Hilary Duff, Horoscopes, and MORE!

Episode 1: The Walking Dead, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, Presidential Election 2k16, and MORE!

OUR FIRST EPISODE EVER and it's HALLOWEEN, BABY! Time to get "spoopy." Listen to us chat about: The Walking Dead, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, Hillary vs. Trump, scary movies, and MORE!