The Sinister Dream Store

A Very Sinister Xmas

Spend your holiday at the Sinister Dream Productions Xmas Party while they sing alternative genre covers of your favorite holiday songs!

Available for purchase through Bandcamp.

"Keep Calm and Hide the Bodies" Shirt

Sound advice you can wear! Larger sizes coming soon.

"Sinister Dreamweaving Vol. 1" DVD

Featuring the short films "Rav Dirgemen: Private Eye," "Mind's Eye," "Black Kiss," and "Blood Good Knives," along with the first two episodes of "Nevermore: The Series."

"Resurrect This!" DVD

Black/death metal show recorded by Sinister Dream Productions at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, PA, on Good Friday of 2013.

Girls of Sinister Dream Pinup Posters

All photos by Elena Dee, makeup by Nicole Conniff.