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Critical Lit

#0.0: The Intro

Welcome to Critical Lit! I'm Paperclippe (Melissa), and this'll be a web series where we can talk about all the literature we hated in English class but love, or will learn to love, now. All thoughtful discussion is welcome, no experience necessary. Share your comments or respond with a video of your own!

#1.0 - TS Eliot's "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

This was always one of my favorite bits of discussion in English class. TS Eliot, questionable person though he may have been, definitely has style. This is a reading of his "Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," in case you're not familiar with the poem. My comments and criticisms will be in a forthcoming video; this is, shall we say, the required reading. Share your thoughts below. If I find a few particularly interesting, I'll incorporate them into my own video - with credit to you, of course!

#1.1 - Prufrock Response

If you watched the previous episode, this is some criticism on the piece, brought to you by @crowgirl42 via the mouth of your host, Paperclippe. Monty Python, disturbing the universe, and self-aggrandizement are the subjects of the day, as well as a sneak peak into next month's video.

Scenario Store News

Episode 1: Amy's Baking Company, The Next Doctor, Hazelwood PA Redevelopment

Welcome to Scenario Store News! In this first episode, hosts Julianna and Keerstan discuss some recent news stories!

Segment 1: "Interrobang"--stories so facepalmy, it can only be described by the beautiful hybrid of a question mark and an exclamation point.

Segment 2: "Fangirling"--need we say more?

Segment 3: "The State of Things"--looking at the current affairs of the world through a comedic lens.

Episode 2: Twain Gotti, Big News in BBC TV and Misha Collins, 2013 Olympics

In this episode, Julianna and Keerstan discuss topics such as the facepalm of his own lyrics landing a rapper as a murder suspect, Peter Capaldi's being cast as the Twelfth Doctor, the truly epic tease that is the Sherlock series three teaser trailer, how much we love Misha Collins for (among other things) tweeting his phone number, and how we wish the rules about taking political stances at the Olympics could be different this year and how we think RuPaul could help!

Episode 3: Halloween Costumes, Doctor Who/Sherlock, Government Shutdown

In this episode, Keerstan and Julianna take on the insanity of sexy Halloween costumes, the new JK Rowling movie due to come up from the Potterverse, counting down to Doctor Who and Sherlock (the latter of which now has a date!), and how the Government Shutdown has taught us that we are living in a country run by teenage girls.


Episode 1: In the Beginning

Melissa and Adam talk about the origins of the Universe as well as the extremely depressing end!

Kids These Days

Episode 1

Adam and Melissa give a crash course on Retro Gaming, speaking of everything from Mario to Sonic.